Card Issuers

Reduce cost, risk and friction

With passive two-factor authentication

Reduce cost

Save by reducing cost of fraud

All cost components of card not present (CNP) fraud can be significantly reduced. Safecypher minimises fraud costs for issuers.

  • CNP fraud losses
  • CNP management costs
  • Lost revenue from abandonment due to challenges
  • Cost of challenges

1 out of 5 challenges result in abandonment3. Lost sales impact on revenue.

Reduce risk

Authenticate users globally

With Safecypher passive two-factor authentication (2FA), via a dynamic CVV2 that is used to authenticate the user at the start of the payment journey.

  • Enhanced security on every transaction
  • Authentication on all existing payment cards
  • No internet connection required once the service is activated
  • Works anywhere in the world 100% of the time
  • Provides evidence of suspected first-party fraud
  • No impact on legacy systems
  • Adds security to any existing risk assessment tool

65% of transactions currently go unchallenged in Europe4. Fraudsters target low value transactions knowing it is cost prohibitive for issuers to pursue these chargebacks.

Reduce friction

Provide frictionless flow in Europe

In Europe, all transactions on Safecypher-enabled cards can qualify for frictionless flow in 3D Secure 2 because the cardholder is authenticated for all transactions regardless of value.

  • Activation is simple and instant
  • Improves effectiveness of transactional risk analysis
  • Minimises the need for challenges
  • Minimises lost revenue from abandonment due to challenges
  • Requires little change to user behaviour

For commercial cards

PSD2 does not cover commercial cards, Safecypher does

Issuers of commercial cards often opt to pay a premium just for secure customer authentication in 3D Secure 2 because there is no other way.

Safecypher is more secure and cost-effective:

  • Authenticates commercial cardholders
  • Automatic, frictionless two-factor authentication
  • Travellers run little risk of fraud
  • Cards rarely blocked, especially while abroad