Shop safely online

With a dynamic 3-digit CVV, fraud can’t start

Stop fraud from starting

Start using dynamic CVV2 from Safecypher

Online shopping is increasing. With 19% of all payments being online5, fraud is going up, too.

78% of cardholders would like their bank to offer dynamic CVV22

Highest security:

  • Built to the highest security standards
  • Security code is in the banking app that only the user can access
  • 3-digit code changes after a short time, so criminals have no opportunity to use it
  • Code is not transmitted, so it cannot be intercepted
  • Increased security on every transaction anywhere in the world

It’s time to step up card security and shop safely online.

Activate on any existing card

Safecypher makes cards unattractive to criminals

There are many ways our card details are harvested and sold on the dark web. Without a valid 3-digit security code, card details are virtually useless and soon flagged as unattractive.

67% of cardholders would rather use a card with dynamic CVV2 than one without it2.

Cardholders feel safe:

  • Activation is simple and instant
  • Works on existing debit and credit cards
  • Can be switched off to use the card’s static CVV2
  • Displayed even when the app is offline

It’s easy to feel safe with Safecypher.

Get a new CVV2 after a short time

There’s no time for fraud with Safecypher

Card details can even be given over the telephone with confidence because the security code becomes invalid after a short time.

Lost or stolen card

If a card is lost or stolen, there is little danger of it being used for online transactions. When reported, a replacement card is sent without cancelling the existing card. It can still be used to pay via a mobile wallet and at online merchants because the card number and expiry date will not change. Only the dynamic CVV2 in the app constantly changes.

Lost or stolen phone

If a phone is lost, stolen, damaged or inaccessible, then Safecypher dynamic CVV2 is simply switched off. The static CVV2 on the card is used in the normal way. Without the user’s biometrics or PIN, there is little risk of someone accessing the banking app. Therefore, the 3-digit security code is safe, even if they have the phone and the card.